[r6rs-discuss] Editorial corrections to R5.92RS report

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Jan 20 12:52:36 EST 2007

Per the procedure last time, I am posting these to the list rather
than making a formal comment, as I assume they are uncontroversial.
"Section" means "report section".

Section 2.1: the penultimate sentence speaks of fixnums rather than

Section 3: the penultimate paragraph says "An implementation is not
permitted to extend the lexical or read syntax in any way", and then
refers twice to "lexical syntax" alone, without mentioning read syntax.
The same is true of the final paragraph of section 3.2.2.

Formal comment #13 was not executed against section 3.2.3; identifiers
are still not allowed to contain Unicode characters of category Ll
(lower-case letters).

Formal comment #14 was not executed against section 3.2.5; the phrase
"no more than eight digits" in the first paragraph, along with the
penultimate example, should be dropped.

Section 5.1, definition of "should": for "max exist" read "may exist".

Section 6.1 says: "A rename spec exports the binding named by the first
<identifier> in each pair"; "pair" in this context means "two-element
list" rather than "Scheme pair", which is confusing.  I recommend simply
using "list", and leaving the length to the context.

Section 9.5.6, first paragraph: for "letrec*, and letrec" read "letrec,
and letrec*", and likewise for "letrec* or letrec" read "letrec or
letrec*".  This establishes the same consistent order throughout the

Section 9.6, s.v. "eqv?": for "Since it is the effect of trying" read
"Since the effect of trying".

At the end of 9.9.1, insert an example of exact results from inexact
values, such as saying that (* 1.0 0) may be either an exact 0 or an
inexact 0.

Section 9.22, first paragraph:  It's possible that I don't understand it,
but I believe that in the sentence "Note that a tail context is always
determined with respect to a particular lambda expression" the word
"lambda" is spurious.

Section 10, first sentence:  for "c ontext-sensitive" read

The definition of integrate-system in Appendix B has closing parens that
stick out into the gutter between columns.

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