[r6rs-discuss] [Formal] Rename the unspecified value

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Jan 20 20:01:57 EST 2007

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Submitter: John Cowan
Email address: cowan at ccil.org
Issue type: Defect
Priority: Major
Component: Base library
Report version: 5.92
Summary:  Rename the unspecified value.

Many R5.91RS commentators expressed a strong dislike for the name
"the unspecified value", because of the strong potential for confusion
between "is the unspecified value" and "is unspecified".  (This should be
distinguished from a strong dislike that an overlapping set of commentator
expressed for the *concept* of allowing such procedures to return any
value whatever.)

The editor should choose a different name and then stick to it.
Attempting to get consensus about the name is hopeless and probably

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