[r6rs-discuss] Comparison procedures' number of arguments

Thomas Lord lord at emf.net
Sun Oct 19 22:58:37 EDT 2008

John Cowan wrote:
> Thomas Lord scripsit:
>>   2a) sequence predicates should not be primitive in Scheme
> Such was the case until R4RS.  In RRRS and R3RS, the two-argument version
> was standardized, and it was documented that some implementations allowed
> more than two arguments.  The language about monotonic sequences goes
> back to RRRS.  (I can't find a usable copy of RRS on line; RS is
> silent on the subject.)

Neat.  Thanks for the info.

BTW, I didn't mean to ignore your argument about my
"machine sampling 0 or more values in time T".... thing
just didn't finish any reply without it becoming too wordy.

Basically, your counter-machine constructions ignore
conditions that the original description asked you to stipulate
but instead of arguing against the stipulations you just ignore
them -- so, nothing is proved by your counter examples.

But, it's a very boring point to drag out, I think.

I'm satisfied that strictly binary relations would be a very
nice, Schemey way to go.

I still wish I didn't want to reach for number-seq-pairwise?
instead of a more generic seq-pairwise? but Scheme lacks any
good way to write seq-pairwise?.   That seems like a hard,
interesting problem.


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