[r6rs-discuss] strange escape sequence in string literals

Shiro Kawai shiro at lava.net
Thu Nov 18 14:40:40 EST 2010

Check out the errata: http://www.r6rs.org/r6rs-errata.html
I think your concern is addressed as follows:

"In the production for <string element>, the two occurrences 
of <intraline whitespace> should have a * after them."

From: Andy Wingo <wingo at pobox.com>
Subject: [r6rs-discuss] strange escape sequence in string literals
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 19:54:05 +0100

> Hello all,
> In section 4.2.7, the R6RS specifies a very strange escape sequence in
> string literals:
>   <intraline-whitespace><line-ending><intraline-whitespace>
>   -> nothing
> where the definition of <intraline-whitespace> is
>   <character tabulation> | <any character whose category is Zs>
> <character tabulation> is just TAB. Zs is the space separator category.
> What is this for? If it is for multiline indented strings, it seems to
> be missing a + in the spec; otherwise it just specifies one whitespace
> char, one line ending, and one whitespace char.
> It looks terrible, frankly, and I am not inclined to merge a patch to
> implement this.
> But if there is a good reason, I could revisit this choice.
> Andy
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